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Fish Composites to partner with AEUK on MOD Work boat Contract

Fish Composites is pleased to announce its design partnership with ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK (AEUK) has been successful in winning a contract for the supply and support of Replacement Work boats for the UK MOD over a six year period.  Within this contract Fish Composites will be responsible for Naval Architecture, Class Level/Detailed Design and Structural Engineering for these challenging multirole craft.

The contract encompasses craft ranging in size from 11 to 15 metres for which Fish Composites will be responsible. Additionally an 18m craft designed and built by Safehaven Marine will utilise modules from the Fish design.  The multi-role vessels share common components and will be modular in design. This unique approach enables rapid re-roleing for a range of specialised operational roles, including:

  • Diving training

  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal

  • Officer training

  • Passenger transport

  • Arctic exploration

  • Hydrographic survey

  • Logistic Re-Supply

The ‘SEA Class’ range of vessels has been developed in response to a demand for safe, reliable and flexible boats that can be rapidly reconfigured for a number of different naval operational roles. It has an extensive track record with 10 already contracted as part of the AEUK ARCIMS mission system for a range of manned and unmanned military operations.

All boats have a baseline workboat configuration with twin diesels, jet drive propulsion and a modern navigation and communications fit. Fully equipped capability modules are embarked to provide rapid configuration for specific roles. The modules can be repeatedly interchanged across the whole fleet enabling cost effective re-roleing.

The workboats will be operated from UK Naval Bases and also deployed from the RN Multi Role Survey and Oceanographic Ships, the latest aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales and Royal Fleet Auxiliary Ships.

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